League of Legend Character Work by Sam Yang

Sam Yang currently employed as a character artist at Riot Games working on League of Legend, arguably the most popular MOBA game on the planet today. Previously he work at Blizzard at a very young age, 21 year old, not many people achieve that, especially with Blizzard. Sam focuses on 3d modelling, texturing, and digital sculpting but also capable of animating, rendering, lighting, rigging, tracking, match moving, and dynamic/particle fx.

Below are some of his character work for League of Legend

sam_yang_elisespider_sculpt1 sam_yang_jaycehammer sam_yang_jaycesentinalmodel sam_yang_khazix11 sam_yang_khazixsculpt2 sam_yang_realistic_pokemon_charizard sam_yang_syndra sam_yang_syndrasculpt sam_yang_titanziggs1 sam_yang_zyramodel2 sam_yang_zyrasculpt2


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