Darksiders Environment Assets by John Flath

John Flath currently employed as an environment artist at 343 Industries, the studio that just released Halo 4 on the Xbox360. Before 343 Industries, John works at Vigil Studios as a senior environment artist on many of the studio’s projects such as Darksiders, Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online, and Darksiders II.

Below are John’s work for the first Darksiders, an action title from Vigil

Darksiders environment assets Darksiders environment assets Darksiders environment assets darksiders-environment-assets-74faf327d891f067a447a3bbb8f35303 Darksiders environment assets darksiders-environment-assets-b788534686326f31effcc911bd1c0a9f darksiders-environment-assets-bde061ab088969dde07d4f106689d5d7 darksiders-environment-assets-cf814b2f9386e987931027566ce89ca3 Darksiders environment assets darksiders-environment-assets-de1f1158caa7b860a3604736f0f2827d darksiders-environment-assets-e8851e45c884d47a1ade93ffbd9eeebb darksiders-environment-assets-fd6cf3b540b2ef1188a43ad25faecf3c


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Source – http://www.johnflath.com/

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