Halo 4 Didact Ship and Armor Sets by Efgeni Bischoff

Efgeni Bischoff is a freelance 3D artist based on Reutlingen Area, Germany, whose focusing on character and creature creation. He start with game modification on 2003 and work professionally starting at 2005. Since then he have worked on several high profile project for Crytek and many other studios, the titles he have been working on such as Crysis, Crysis 2 and Halo 4 among others.

Before going freelance Efgeni work at Crytek GmbH, based in Frankfurt. He work there for 6 years and contribute to Crysis series. Currently he work as a freelance character artist for Guerrilla Games working on an unannounced project . Below are some of Efgeni Bischoff work on Halo 4 didact ship and some armor sets.

Halo 4 Didact Ship Halo 4 Didact Ship Halo 4 Didact Ship Halo 4 Armor Sets bischoff-halo-4-enforcer-lowpoly bischoff-halo-4-cio-lowpoly bischoff-halo-4-spartan-setsHalo 4 Armor Sets bischoff-halo-4-recon-gear Halo 4 Armor Sets


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Source – http://bischoffart.com/



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