Naughty Dog is the home for amazing story driven video game, they’ve demonstrate it with the Uncharted series featuring the protagonist that everybody love, Nathan Drake. Now with their latest game, The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog bring the awesomeness to another level. The story of the game is so grim but it made us care for the characters that we control, Joel and the girl Ellie.

The 2 main characters of The Last Of Us was brought to life by the hand of Michael Knowland, the lead character artist at Naughty Dog. Before Naughty Dog, Michael works for Frontier Development at the UK, the developer of Kinectimals and many other games. Michael also made few other important character on the game such as Tommy and some of the infected.  The zbrush sculpt really show Michael attention to detail and his knowledge of anatomy, they are all looks great.

The Last of Us, is a Playstation exclusive and once again level up the bar on visual presentation in video game. It is currently one the best looking game in the whole platform, and we can’t wait what Naughty Dog prepare for the next gen (Playstation 4)

Here are some of Michael Knowland works on The Last Of Us characters