Crysis 3 is a very beautiful first person shooter, and as usual the real star of an FPS is the weapons. Same goes with Crysis 3, this game featured some of the best weapon ever seen in this genre. The person responsible to most of these weapons is Gregor Kopka, the principal 3D artist for Crytek Frankfurt. Gregor start working for Crytek since 2004, working on the first Crysis. Initially he was working on weapons, aliens and also props, then he turn to fully working on weapon art starting from Crysis 2.

Gregor Kopka started as 2D artist at the beginning of his venture, and with time he make his step to 3D art, design and animation. Attention to detail and kick ass hard surface modelling, plus the ability to do concept really make Gregor Kopka one of the complete set of an artist, able to create an asset from the beginning till the very final finished product.

Below are some of Gregor Kopka’s creation on Crysis 3 weapons, some is created from the awesome concept of Timur Mutsaev